With a background in Installation and Book Arts, I have a continuing fascination for what lies ignored and unnoticed beneath our feet, more specifically manhole covers. I have discovered ceramics as a way of replicating these with my personal designs. The manhole cover has become my artistís book in that it has a cover with a title and a narrative within - my reflection or shadow at the bottom of the drain or well. The glazed surface replicates cast iron. I have been exploring printmaking techniques with coloured slips, stains and glazes to transfer my photographic images that I have developed in Photoshop onto the inside of my slab-built boxes. I use typography as a way of conveying factual information about myself, my family and where we live in Truro.

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Georgina Phipps

Georgina Phipps
Distant Hills
Cornwall TR1 1TQ

07986 602541