Alan DiMambro

I have been working with clay for over 40 years.  It is for me a vocation which provides a channel for my creative nature.


The range of work I produce reflects my love of experiment and exploration. I produce a full range of tablewares, modelled pieces and one-off sculptural forms which reflects this.


I use a range of stoneware clays from Scarva handbuilding bodies to Commercial Clays throwing bodies. All work is oxidise fired to 1260 deg C.  I use my own glaze formulations along with commercial body stains.


We are all unique vessels; we carry with us our experiences, influences and passions.


This filters through into everything that’s made, it’s what we pass on through our work  There’s a part of me in everything I make and that’s as it should be.


Visitors to the studio are welcome during working hours, please telephone

to ensure I will be there.






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