Heather Frary

We moved to Cornwall in 2004 after many years working in Norfolk designing and making samples for industry.

Having worked with many materials in the past, I found a love of glass and Cornwall.


I love to work big when I can, using lead came for my larger window and door panels.

For my smaller framed panel's I normally use the Tiffany method (copper foiled and soldered).


Glass is such a wonderful material that can be used in so many different ways.


I paint and print on the glass using traditional oxides, enamels and silver stain which I enhance with etching,

sandblasting and wire.


I also fuse and kiln form glass which I hope to enhance in the future with new metal working skills that I gained on a

course on Silversmithing at Truro College.


My work is ever evolving as I find different ways of making a mark or an impression on glass.

I never get tired of seeing how glass plays with light and manipulating it to do so.




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