Jaye Guest

I am an amateur potter and artist.  These are activities I took up when I retired and I love working in my studio, especially when it is cold and rainy in the winter months.  Turning what is basically a lump of mud into a pleasing shape I find most exhilarating and I revel in bright colours especially on white earthenware.  Opening my electric kiln after a glaze firing is always incredibly exciting.


I work with porcelain and also with brown and white earthenware, using a variety of techniques.  I make many of my own glazes and I am always experimenting.  I aim to produce inexpensive, cheerful pieces which people will enjoy using.


I sell my work in aid of the RNLI at an annual exhibition in the Rock Institute.  I do this jointly with our artist daughter, Sarah Poppleton.  It is great fun.


Visitors are welcome but need to make an appointment.


Tel: 01208 863920


Email: jayeguest@icloud.com


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