Georgie Phipps

With a background in Book Arts and Sculpture, I have developed my ideas through installations; eventually documenting the work turned into the work itself, hence the focus on artists’ books.


I’ve made a series of ceramic manhole covers, each one is like a book with a title in relief and a narrative within. Drains and wells have prompted sculptural explorations in porcelain about pipes, and connections have been manifesting in viaducts.



Since lockdown and a daily drawing routine my focus has become more abstract: visualising spiralling geometric forms through line and progressing into colour.  I’ve explored sgraffito techniques using black and white and then coloured slips.


More recently I’ve been making ceramic stamps from my collections of found objects which I’ve been pressing into the surfaces of colour in order to achieve a multi-coloured effect.  I’m now combining this surface decoration with three dimensional spiralling forms in clay.




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